Access Swipe Tags – Granting/Revoking Access

Granting Access and Allocating Swipe Tags Log into the ZKAccess system: From within Launchpad: ZKAccess Internal From outside Launchpad: ZKAccess External Username and Password stored in Keepass. Click on the Personnel Tab You’ll need to know the last Personnel...

Door Access/Security System

Procedure for locking and unlocking the doors at LaunchPad. Log into the ZKAccess system (details in Keepass). Out of hours (eg Saturday) To Open: Select ‘Normal Open’ To Close: Select ‘Disable Intraday Normal Open Time Zone ‘ and then ‘Remote Closing’ During Business...

External Users Facility Information

Wi-Fi Please refer to your room-booking confirmation email for the wifi network and password. After Hours Access For access to the buildings after hours and weekends, you will have to arrange to collect a swipe tag from reception before the day of your booking, you...

External Users Facility Information

Wi-Fi LaunchPad provides free wifi access for guests and Collaborators.  There are three networks – ‘launchpad’, ‘launchpad2’ and ‘launchpad3’ – the latter two are designed to operate only in one building. Please refer...
LaunchPad Create
122 Cremorne St. Cremorne
LaunchPad Evolve
132 Cremorne St. Cremorne
LaunchPad Orbit
130 Cremorne St. Cremorne