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LaunchPad has available VOIP Handsets which are connected to the wired Ethernet (network) connections in offices, studios and desks.

These handsets are able to be connected quickly to new landline connections or it is possible to “port” existing physical numbers to VOIP using our provider, Jollytel.

Phone Handset Support

  1. If you have an existing VOIP Handset/Line in LaunchPad and have difficulties with incoming calls, outgoing calls, handsets not operating as expected, please call Jollytel support on 1300 667 770 or email ;
  2. If your handset has a blank display (no power) or is indicating network connection issues, please contact LaunchPad Reception on 9815 0066 or

Activating Handsets on Desks

  1. If you have an existing handset which shows an extension number, note this extension down, and any other extensions required for your team;
  2. If there are no handsets, contact LaunchPad Reception and request handsets to be put on your desks as needed;
  3. Contact Jollytel by calling 1300 667 770 or send an email to and advise that you want to set up a new VOIP number for your business. Provide Business Name, Contact Name and Email, Alternative Phone (mobile) and LaunchPad Location. You will also need to advise the Handset Extension number(s) for connection;
  4. Jollytel will respond with a list of available Phone Numbers to select from, and may request further information (such as how a Ring Group should operate – which extensions will ring with incoming calls, etc). Jollytel will setup a payment method and will invoice monthly at $30/month for each extension.
  5. Additional services are available with Jollytel (some involve a fee) such as Auto Attendant, Outgoing professional recordings, additional incoming numbers for interstate or overseas presence, etc.

Using an Existing Landline in LaunchPad

  1. If you have an existing Landline (or VOIP) number which you manage the billing for, this may be able to be “ported” to be used in LaunchPad. When this occurs, the new VOIP number is controlled by you and can be shifted to another location easily in future if needed;
  2. You need to contact Jollytel on 1300 667 770 or email and request a porting form, which will initiate this process. The previous steps in activating handsets in LaunchPad can be progressed in anticipation and a temporary number may be able to be allocated whilst the port is being progressed.
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