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LaunchPad has Ricoh MPC45 and MPC35 based printers/copiers installed at all sites. These are distributed around the buildings to ensure one is conveniently located to your desk.

These printers support nearly all versions of Windows and MacOS (OSx).  Unfortunately, we don’t currently support iOS AirPrint Print.

You must complete all steps of this setup procedure, including the last section to create a Printer Preset before you’ll be able to print documents successfully from a MacOS.

Printer Names

 Printer Location    IP Address  Printer Name
 LaunchPad Create – Forest Floor  Launchpad P02L0.0 – Forest Floor
 LaunchPad Create – Treehouse  LaunchPad P02L1.0 – Treehouse
 LaunchPad Evolve – Near Flinders Rm  LaunchPad P03L0.0 – Flinders Room
 LaunchPad Evolve – Rear near Office 2  LaunchPad P03L0.1 – Rear
 LaunchPad Orbit – Near Studio LP4ST03  LaunchPad P04L0.0 – Orbit

Basic Mac Setup

This Knowledge Base article was written for OSx 10.12 (Sierra) – earlier versions of OSx are supported and may have a slight difference in the installation process.

Step 1 – Downloading and Running the Printer Driver Installer

Download the driver package from the Ricoh website by clicking on the following link.

Start Here

This package supports: Mac OSX 10.8, 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan0, 10.12 (Sierra), 11.4 (Big Sur).

Once downloaded, you’ll need to locate the file in your downloads folder and run it.

Step 2 – Running the Ricoh Printer Driver Installer

Find the package ‘.dmg’ file in your downloads folder and open it.

You may get a warning that the package can’t be opened because it’s from an ‘unidentified developer.’.  If the package fails to run, then hold the Cntrl+Shift key down while double-clicking on the package to run as an administrator.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 1

When you open the package it will open a folder window from which you can start the driver install package ‘Ricoh_PS_Printers_Vol3_EXP_LIO_Driver.pkg’.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 2

Run this ‘.pkg’ file to start the install process.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 3

Click ‘Continue’

Step 3 – Accept the License Agreement

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 4

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 5


Click Continue and answer ‘Agree’

Step 4 – Select Install Destination

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 6

Click on ‘Install’ (or Change Install Location if you have multiple HDDs).

Step 5 – Authenticate

If you’ve configured your Mac to request your password on system changes, you’ll need to enter your Username and Password

Ricoh Printer Install Mac - 4.png

Step 6 – Complete the install

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 8

Once the drivers have installed, click on ‘Close’ to complete the process.

You can now delete the driver package downloaded from Ricoh’s website.

Step 7 – Add the printer

Once you’ve installed the driver for LaunchPad’s printers, you’ll need to add each printer from the ‘System Preferences’ App.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install - 6a.png

Click on ‘Printers & Scanners’.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 7a

Click on ‘+’ icon below the list of Printers – this will popup a system dialogue for adding printers.

Samsung Printer Install Mac 8a

Click on the ‘IP’ tab to add printers to their IP Address.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 12a


In the ‘Address:’ field type in the IP address for the printer near you.  Click here to find the list of IP addresses for our printers or see the table at the top of this article.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install Mac 10a

In the ‘Protocol:’ field chose ‘Internet Printing Protocol – IPP’.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 13

In the ‘Name:’ field, change it to the Printer Name listed in the table at the top of this article.  If you have lots of printers, insert the word ‘LaunchPad’ at the front to make it clearer which printer to use.

Ricoh Mac Printer Install 12a

Now click on ‘Add’ to complete the printer addition.

Printing and Known Problems

When printing from any application and using the LaunchPad printers, you’ll need to select either the ‘LaunchPad-B&W’ or ‘LaunchPad-Colour’ Preset.  Generally, if you can’t print, then the most likely issue will be the UserID and Password.

What happened to my print job?

You can confirm whether you’re print job reached the printer by logging into the printer directly and selecting ‘Job Status’.  The Completed Jobs Tab should show your print job and whether it was Completed or Cancelled.

Alternatively, each printer has its own website you can log into the site by typing the IP address into Safari or clicking on the link in the list of printers in the above table.

Can’t I print from Adobe Acrobat?

There appears to be a bug in Acrobat that results in the PIN not being passed through to the printer.  This appears to be related to Acrobat using its own print dialogue instead of the standard version provided with OSx

To work around the problem, click on the ‘Printer…’ button located at the bottom right of Acrobat’s print dialogue.  This will display the standard print dialogue and allow you to select the ‘LaunchPad-B&W’ or ‘LaunchPad-Colour’ preset.

Can’t I print from Google Chrome?

Like Adobe, Google tries to help by providing their own Printer Dialogue.  We find that this hides the Preset field so you can’t be sure what has been selected.

In this case, click on the ‘Print using system dialogue’ to display the System Printer dialogue and make sure the correct ‘LaunchPad’ preset is selected.  If you can’t see that preset, revisit the installation instructions above.





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